Assistant Professor of Computer Science, Haverford College
Alvin Grissom II, Haverford College



Wenyan Li, Alvin Grissom II, and Jordan Boyd-Graber
An Attentive Recurrent Model for Incremental Prediction of Sentence-final Verbs. Findings of EMNLP (to appear)


Jack Merullo, Luke Yeh, Abram Handler, Alvin Grissom II, Brendan O’Connor, Mohit Iyyer
Investigating Sports Commentator Bias within a Large Corpus of American Football Broadcasts. Proceedings of EMNLP

Kara L. McShane and Alvin Grissom II
Gower as Data: Exploring the Application of Machine Learning to Gower’s Middle English Corpus. Accessus 5(2), 8


Shi Feng, Eric Wallace, Alvin Grissom II, Mohit Iyyer, Pedro Rodriguez, and Jordan Boyd-Graber
Pathologies of Neural Models Make Interpretations Difficult. Proceedings of EMNLP

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Yoshinari Fujinuma and Alvin C. Grissom II
Substring Frequency Features for Segmentation of Japanese Katakana Words with Unlabeled Corpora. Proceedings of IJCNLP


Alvin C. Grissom II, Naho Orita, and Jordan Boyd-Graber
Incremental Prediction of Sentence-final Verbs. Proceedings of CoNLL



He He, Alvin C. Grissom II, Jordan Boyd-Graber, and Hal Daumé III
Syntax-based Reordering for Simultaneous Machine Translation. Proceedings of EMNLP

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Alvin C. Grissom II, He He, Jordan Boyd-Graber, John Morgan, and Hal Daumé III

Don’t Until the Final Verb Wait: Reinforcement Learning for Simultaneous Machine Translation. Proceedings of EMNLP



Alvin Grissom II and Yusuke Miyao
Annotating Factive Verbs. Proceedings of LREC